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How to Download or Save Youtube Video with PC and Mobile ??

Download youtube video on PC and Mobile

Youtube is a website where you can watch videos online on any topics and happenings in the world. Most times, after watching your favourite video, you might wish to download and convert the video to different formats MP3, MP4, 3GP, FLV and AVI (DivX) file.

 If you want to resize and adjust your YouTube video, click here.

As in youtube website there is no chance to download your favorite YouTube video, so you need to use some tricks and tools to get these videos download.

Here In this post, i am sharing some tricks to download youtube videos, simply by transfering it to some other address or URL.
Lets start with a very simple trick to download youtube videos, then after i will suggest some tools being helpfull.

1. Go to to search for your favorite video.
    The link must look like this:

2. Now change the link above by adding “ss” to the link, like this 
    and you will be redirected to the download page  where you will be able to download the file in MP3,  MP4, 3GP, FLV and AVI (DivX) format.

By now you must have downloaded your favorite video on without to tools and softwares. This will work on both Mobile Phone and PC. To download these youtube videos, you do not have to install and get involved with anything complicated.

Here i am providing a list of websites what offer this facility to download youtube videos. There are a few, actually. I will highlight some of which have attracted my attention.

  • SaveVideoDownload - good tutorial to download youtube videos in both .flv & .mpeg formats
  • KeepVid - Simple tool to download videos from youtube , just copy the url in the given download bar, click “Download” and Voilaaaa! just choose the format and download the video.
  • Dirpy - Provides the ability to download only the MP3 audio which comes in handy if you are just looking to hear a talk or presentation on your iPod.
  • SaveVid - With SaveVid website instead of only being able to download youtube videos, you can also create a log of all your saved videos.
  • CatchVideo - One of the fastest services of downloading videos from youtube.
  • VideoGetting - Very simple and straightforward but offers multiple output video formats.
  • FetchVideo
  • Zamzar -  Particularly remarkable about the number of supported video formats when downloading videos from YouTube.

If you have some other sites, please share.

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  1. hey,

    Though downloading YouTube videos is not legal & it's not permitted by YouTube but If you and I were producers,we can allow YouTube downloading only if intended for fair use. Also you gonna find many youtube videos which is under creative common license and reuse is permitted. So you can download those kind of videos and also reuse it.
    You can follow the above method for downloading videos or here is the youtube downloader which I follow

  2. I like to download video from Youtube and other sites so that I can always watch my favorite video and music video without using internet connection.

  3. i use YouTube Downloader for downloading videos from Youtube.

  4. Worked like a charm. I was going nuts restarting it multiple times. Thanks for posting. Keep up the GREAT work.  Youtube Technical Support

    1. I want to write simple html in blogger to download video embedded from youtube in blogger. I can embedded youtube video and I want to download it directly when I click on button or link "download" in blogger not need any software but I don't how to solve this problem, please help to share

      Thanks in advance

  5. Thank you so much for such a great blog.
    mp4 video

  6. Waooow!!! Magnificent blogs, this is what I wanted to search. Thanks buddy

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    1. Awesome post!! Thanks a lot for giving such a useful information :)



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