IBPS Exam Calendar 2014 and Schedule Sheet For Clerk, PO, SO and RRB Posts

Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) organizes Common Written Exam annually for the recruitment of post of Probationary Officer(PO), Clerks, Specialist Officer(SO) and RRB. IBPS has already published their exam calendar and date schedule for recruitment of 2014.

IBPS Exam Dates 2014

Well, this will help you being prepared already for exams of clerks, PO, SO. If you once get IBPS exam calendar 2014, you can prepare more efficiently.

IBPS Exam Time Table 2014
Lakhs of students are preparing for bank exams especially IBPS exams. These students are very curious to get IBPS exam dates 2014. In this post I'm providing you complete date sheet or time table of IBPS common written exam 2014 for clerks, PO, Specialist officer and RRB posts. I suggest you to first read this whole date sheet and then visit IBPS official website.

IBPS CWE Exam Dates 2014
The online examinations for CWE IV for recruitment in participating organizations are scheduled to be held as follows.

IBPS RRB Exam Dates 2014
 6th Sep 2014
7th Sep 2014
13th Sep 2014
14th Sep 2014
20th Sep 2014
21st Sep 2014
27th Sep 2014

IBPS PO Exam Dates 2014
11th Oct 2014
12th Oct 2014
18th Oct 2014
19th Oct 2014
1st Nov 2014
2nd Nov 2014

IBPS Clerk Exam Date 2014
6th Dec 2014
7th Dec 2014
13th Dec 2014
14th Dec 2014
20th Dec 2014
21st Dec 2014
27th Dec 2014
IBPS Specialist Officers Exam Dates 2014
14th Feb 2015
15th Feb 2015
21st Feb 2015

These dates are tentative and may be subject to change for administrative reasons.
For further information like notifications, online applications, admit cards, result of IBPS CWE 2014, Subscribe by email and like Facebook, Twitter, G plus fan page.
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Will Your Graduation Degree will let you get Your Dream Job?

That's a sure question of every student's mind who is in either last year or intial of his/her graduation. If you don't mind, you probabaly don't stumble on this article. Okeys, let me ask why you are taking admission for your graduation degree, Job or Knowledge. Your answer might be for getting Job, that's common. But do you think it is possible to get a decent job without sound knowledge of your graduation subjects, even when the competetion is very high.

chances of getting job after graduation

 Most of you students want to get some good jobs and earn a lot of money. But before dreaming you have to first analyses the potential and the chances of getting your dream job. Whether you are from any stream like engineering, medical, arts etc., you have to first evaluate your capabilities and knowledge. and after judging yourself you have to work hard to match that level you are far away. And believe me that extra efforts will lead you first in this educational competitive era and you will get your desire job.

In this post somewhat I'll try to let you know the competition in your graduation discipline and that extra effort you need to take.

Getting your Dream Job with Engineering Degree

I am starting with Engineering graduates because today this is most popular degree in students. About 15 lakhs of Indian students after passing 12th exam decide to go for engineering degree every year, but the numbers of students getting their dream job is very low. Only 10 to 15 percentage of the engineering graduates get a job through campus placements, some get job through off campus placements. While remaining struggle to get a good job, some joins colleges for higher education through GATE and others prepare for government job exams like PSU's and IES. That is really surprising that around 9% of graduates don't get any jobs at all. Well, Soon i will write a post on all job options in different streams of engineering.
Getting your Dream Job with Medical Degree
Some years back there was a boom in medical degree or related courses, but today the percentage of students have fall down. Only 6% of the top ranker opt for medical degree, while remaining goes for other. Some others take admission by giving big donation money. The number of seats in government colleges is very low, so many of them start their own clinical practices.

Getting your Dream Job with Bachelor's Degree in Arts, Commerce and Science
Doing bachelor degree in Arts, Commerce and Science is trending now. After that students either search for any diploma courses or prepare for government job exams. The popular exams are for banking, teaching, graduate level exams like SSC CGL, IAS, state public service exams etc. They really have a good options of job.

Whatever be the chances of getting a job, but it is really necessary to complete your graduation as a minimum requirement. If you have knowledge and capabilities, opportunities always waits for you. I don't want to mislead you showing these percentage of employment in each degree, I only want to aware you with these results so that you will prepare hard for good results. All the best for your career.
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Important Things to Consider Before Choosing a College

I have written many articles on admission in B.Tech, M.Tech, MBA and Others. I have shared a full guide on how to choose proper branch for graduation. But I really missed one thing, that i should have shared long time back. And that is The important things you must consider before choosing a college. You always choose best colleges as per its ranking, but there are many other important things you must think first.

Choosing a right college is most difficult task for a student. He become confused at the time of selection of a college. But i think you should be conscious and concerned while choosing a good college. Though there are many universities or colleges available for any stream after 12th, I have given many important articles suggesting the right career options for students of stream Science, Commerce and Arts.

In this post I've compiled of a list of most important points you must consider before choosing a college. You must have to check these common and important things while selecting a college.

How to Select a Best College for Graduation or Post Graduation

Points to think before selecting a college

1. Is That College is Affiliated to any University?

I think this is the most important thing to consider before taking admission in any college. You must have to check first whether that college is affiliated to any university or not. Sometimes private colleges take a affiliation from any university for a temporary basis of some years. So it can waste your graduation degree and ditch you. So you should first clarify that the college you selected is affiliated with the university for your degree or not. Mostly you should check if that college is affiliated to state university of that state. Believe me there are so many colleges which do not have affiliation.

2. Admission Process and Criteria

Another important thing to first check on what basis or entrance exam that college is taking admission. Check for the minimum cut off marks required to get admission. If you are taking admission in any college for Engineering, you must check Is there any entrance exam like IIT JEE, AIEEE or any other exam as the admission process of that college. After confirming admission process, you must check whether you are eligible for this course or not.

My personal advice is If you find there is no entrance exam for admission in that college, It is good for you to avoid that college. You should search for any other college.

3. Check College's official website and Chat with Students

In this era of social networking, it's not difficult to find and chat with the studying students of any colleges. You can search at Facebook, Twitter like sites for the members in that college. It is very clever move to get real details of that college with the existing students or alumni  of that college. They should have no problem providing you every information you need about that college. If you don't know what should you ask to that members. I will help you. You should ask about the learning environment of college, teaching faculty, actual scene of placement, internship, college campus or others.

4. Largeness of College Campus

This point may surprise you that why it is mandatory to check for the largeness of college campus. But i think a largeness of college campus really affects our minds. The campus should be large, attractive so that it will attracts multinational companies to come there for placements.

5. How Educated the teaching faculties are

You must check the education of faculties & other staff of chosen college. They should have appropriate degree to teach you that course you applied for. You can get these information to other students of that college. I suggest you to once visit campus of that college to check this thing.

Doing graduation from a well recognized college increases your chance of placement in reputed PSUs and other government sectors. Say what you check while selecting any college, help others choosing their best college.
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Different Career Options after 12th for Arts Students

Arts is the subject which is basically represents the culture of society and it is very much helpful in order to take the political knowledge. It is basically a theoretical subject, but it is very depth and one can get enormous learning through this subject if interested. Well, once a student finishes their matriculation next in front of them is to choose a stream. Well different streams have different options. If you go with science than technology is open for you and if you go with commerce stream, then accounting field has a wide scope.

Well, if you have a quite sharper mind, then of course, choose science and commerce, but if you are not that much interested in these fields then arts is the best stream that welcomes you. If you choose your career in the arts then basically you have to read following subjects like literature, Sociology, Psychology, Political Science etc. Moreover the various career lines open for you are teaching, social work, law, politics, business, television, journalism, etc. Bachelor of arts can be done in various fields depend on your line in which you need to move on with your life. Here are the different B. A courses you can opt.

B.A in Economics: It basically covers social science which contains literate and quantitative courses. Main fields that available for you after it are strategic pricing, cost analysis, marketing research, statistical forecasting. 

B.A Political Science: It basically covers the study of state, nation, government, and politics and policies of government. One can learn following topics such as economic conditions, world terrorism, international relations, environmental issues etc.

B.A Sociology:  It basically covers the study of social life, social change, and the social causes and consequences of human behavior. One can make a career in social work, journalism, teaching, research etc through this.

B.A Journalism: It basically covers the subjects such as politics, social and economic issues, entertainment etc. For those who want to go in Media Marketing or in Mass communication can choose this field for better career.

Well there are many sub subjects too which comes in arts. Different subjects that you can choose in various fields after arts are here listed below.

Psychology - Industrial psychology, Social psychology, Counselling psychology, Clinical psychology, Human resources
Sociology - General Sociology, Indian Society, , Sociology of religion, Occupational sociology, Sociology and Mass media
Economics - Agricultural Economics, Buisness Economics, Quantitative Economics
Literature - Linguist
Law - Company Secretary, Legal writing, Defense writing, Notary, Law process outsoursing, Solicitor, Civil law, Criminal law, Corporate law, Property law, Securities  law, Incometax law, International law, Property law, Information technology law
History - Heritage Management,  Curator
Geography - Philosophy in geography, Applied geography, Geographic information science and systems, Geographical cartography,
Anthropology - Physical or Biological anthropology, Social anthropology, Prehistoric anthropology, Applied anthropology, Linguistic anthropology, Forensic anthropology
Archaeology - Medical archeology, Eastern archeology, Marinetime archeology, Archeological heritage management, Egyptology, Epigraphy, Numismatics, Landscape archeology, Ethnography
Public administration
Libraray sciences

So here you have seen that what you have to study and which different subjects comes while choosing art as a career but still you haven't found the answer of your question that what are the career options available for you. So next I am going to guide you top most courses you can do after 12th arts. These all are very much popular nowadays and you can decide on which is best suited for you and in which you have a keen interest. Have a look at them.

Mass Communication Courses
This course covers various fields like public relations, advertising, marketing, journalism, mass media careers and more. One who has good communication skills and love to communicate with people can opt this course. I have also delivered a list of some best institutes who offers this course.

Fashion Design Courses

Fashion designing in very much popular nowadays. You can gain knowledge in garment design technology and manufacturing. Fashion is the field which always needs to be updated in itself so this has wider career.

Event Management Courses
In order to learn the insights of a field, this course is said to be the best one. It enables you to smoothly organize any kind of event in the country or even abroad. Marriage Events, Road shows, Parties, Concerts many events you can easily organize after learning this course.

Foreign Language Courses
Many of the companies and teaching institutes requires Spanish, French, Korean, Japanese, Russian speaking experts in order to get rid of the language barrier. One can learn these languages from this course and can be a professional language expert and build a strong career in it.

Acting Courses
Cinema is a field where one can get popularity very quickly. If you want to be a superstar then acting course is the best way to go with your dream. Becoming an actor/actress is the dream of many and you can achieve it by doing this course. Then you can hassle free enter into the world of glamour and attain recognition.

Beautician Courses
Everyone wants to look stunning every time and for this they go to Beauty Salons. If you have got expertise in making folks beautiful then it is the career which never dies. Choose this course and be a beautician today. It is the basic requirement of all because people need to look good and enhance their appearance.

Dance Courses
One can make their career as a choreographer, solo performer, dance troupe performer or as a teacher in dance schools and academies. Dancing is the joy of Life and if you feel peace in this then go with this course. Learn various dancing forms and moves and then be a professional dancer who can gain much popularity in cinema industry too.

Entrepreneurship Courses
Due to stiff competition and lack of opportunities in formal sector career choices in entrepreneurship are increasing day by day. Students love to their own work instead of those jobs where one can be fired any time. Select a good institute and get a professional knowledge from there and be an entrepreneur.

Hotel Management Courses
Hotel management is on boom nowadays after the various franchises of hotels opening daily. Hotels are getting more luxurious and it is very much needed to take care of them to serve best to customers. So this field is very much interesting if one has a keen interest in management.

Audio Visual Media Courses
It basically covers journalism, film making, media promotion, brand promotion, photography, media studies and planning streams. It has a wide scope and opportunities are many in this field. Choose this course, as a better and a different career.
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Exam Pattern and Selection Procedure of Engineering Entrance Exams

engineering entrance exam pattern

Exam Pattern and Selection Procedure of Engineering (B.Tech) Entrance Exams
Engineering is the best choice after completing 12th standard from science. There is a list of different engineering entrance exams you must give after 12th. But selecting the best of yours capability and knowledge is somehow a difficult task. Another difficult task is to choose proper branch for your B.Tech, that is a different issue you will face after getting success in these entrance exams.

Here in this article I've choose four top demanded and reputed exams of engineering (B.Tech) i.e IIT, AIEEE, BITSAT, VITEEE. I want to make you familiar with the latest exam pattern and selection procedure of these popular engineering entrance exams. Though these are the difficult exams, you can do well after getting familiar to their exam pattern and selection procedure.

Exam Pattern and Selection Procedure of IIT, AIEEE, BITSAT and VITEEE

I suggest you to once go through the exam pattern of all these popular entrance exams, then analysis and make a proper strategy to get successful in these exams. A proper strategy always leads success.


Exam Pattern of IIT JEE
IIT JEE exam is a two stage objective exam. Applicants have to appear in 2 tests viz. Main Test and Advanced Test. After qualifying in JEE Main test, applicant will move further to appear in Advanced test. Eligible candidates will get admission in IITs and IISc and others according to the final merit list. Each test will be of 3 hours time duration. Both test consists of objective problems from basic science subjects Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics section, that will test student's problem solving ability, aptitude and analytical ability. 

Number of attempts in IIT JEE
A student can have only two attempts to appear in IIT JEE exam, in the year he passes 12th standard and other in the following year. No other extra chance will be allowed if he does not write IIT JEE exam in 12th standard.

Date of Examination of IIT JEE
IIT JEE Main exam - in second week of April
IIT JEE Advanced exam - in last week of May


Exam Pattern of AIEEE
AIEEE is a 2 paper examination which held on same day.

AIEEE paper 1 is a multiple choice objective type question test, which includes problems from 3 sections namely Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry with equal weight age for each subject. There is negative marking for wrong answer attempted. Total 150 questions of weight age 450 marks will be asked from Physics and Chemistry. and 75 questions of weight age 150 will be asked from Mathematics.

AIEEE paper 2 is also a multiple choice objective type question test, which includes problems from Mathematics, Drawing and Aptitude. Aptitude section has drawing based questions. Total time duration of each paper is 3 hours.

Candidates are selected on the basis of raking in All India basis and State basis.

Number of attempts in AIEEE
A student can have a maximum of three years attempt to appear in exam.

Date of Examination of AIEEE
In the month of April


Exam Pattern of BITSAT
Candidates have to appear for an online test of 3 hours duration. This online test comprises of 4 sections namely Physics (40 questions), Chemistry (40 questions), English Proficiency and Logical Reasoning (10 questions), Mathematics/Biology (45 questions). Total number of questions are 150. There is negative marking for wrong answer attempted. The candidate will have an option of attempting 12 (twelve) additional questions, if there is still time left.

Date of Examination of BITSAT
In the month of May


Exam Pattern of VIEEE
The VITEEE entrance exam is an objective type online test. The Online VITEEE Test will be for 2 hours 30 minutes duration.

The selection of exam pattern will be made at the time of slot booking in VITEEE. Candidates who attempt Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics are eligible for all the B.Tech Programs at the university. Candidates who attempt Biology instead of Mathematics will be eligible for B.Tech. Bioinformatics, Bio-Medical Engineering and Biotechnology programs only.

Every subject have 40 marks each. There is no negative marking.

Date of Examination
In the month of April

If you have any query regarding to these Engineering entrance exams, feel free to comment below. You can subscribe by Email and can join us on Facebook and Twitter.
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Latest SBI Recruitment 2014 of Assistants in Clerical Cadre

SBI Recruitment 2014
 Latest SBI Recruitment 2014. State Bank of India has invited applications from eligible Indian Citizens for the post of assistants in clerical cadre. I'm sharing how to apply for this post, online application fee, syllabus of examination, admit card download details, exam pattern and selection procedure for examination and last year solved papers of SBI recruitment of Assistant in clerical cadre.

Name of Company: State Bank of India (SBI)

Post Name: Assistants in Clerical Cadre

Starting Date of Online Registration: 26th May 2014

Last Date of Online Registration: 14th June 2014

Payment of Fees: Both Online and Offline Mode of payment

Number of Vacancies: Around 5500 posts in different states

Date of Written Examination: Examination will be conducted online tentatively in July/August 2014 on various date.

Educational Qualification: Candidate should have a valid graduation degee from a recognised university. Those who are in final year of graduation can also apply for SBI assistant clerical cadre post.
Age Criteria: Candidate's age should be between 20 to 28 years as on 1st may 2014. Age relaxation will be according to government rules.

How to Apply: Candidates have to apply online for this posts. They can pay application fee in both online and offline mode.

Application Fee:
  • For General and OBC- Rs. 450
  • For SC/ST/PWD/XS- Rs. 100
Selection Procedure: The final selection of eligible candidates will be made on the basis of performance in the Online objective test and Interview.

Total Time Duration of Online Exam: 2 hours and 15 minutes

Exam Pattern: The test will be online objective type. It consist of four sections with total 200 marks.

General Awareness- 40 marks
General English- 40 marks
Quantitative Aptitude- 40 marks
Reasoning Ability- 40 marks
Marketing Aptitude/Compute Knowledge- 40 marks

Total Maximum marks awarded- 200 marks

There will be negative marking for wrong answers attempted. To get successful in SBI assistant in clerical cadre post, candidate have to qualify in each section of objective test.

Admit Cards for Examination: Candidates can download their admit card after 9th July 2014 from bank's official website. They will have to enter their registration number and password or date of birth. So it is suggested you to write your registration number after completing online application procedure.

Official Website: For total number of vacancies in every state visit SBI official website.

Note- Candidates can apply for vacancies in one state only and will have to appear for the test from an examination center for that particular state. Candidates can appear for the test only once.

If you have any problem related to this SBI recruitment, let us know through commenting. Soon I'll upload last year solved papers of SBI recruitment, so subscribe yourself by Email and join us on social networking sites.
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MBA Entrance Exam Pattern and Date- CAT, XAT, JMAT, MAT, BIMT, GMAT and SNAP

MBA entrance exams

Different MBA Entrance Exams- Exam Pattern and Admission Procedure. After completing graduation you are looking for MBA that will increase chances to get job in any good reputed company. It will surely attract best opportunities for growth options. After preparing from any good coaching institute, you're ready to give any toughest exams for the entrance of MBA degree. You may go for MBA or PGDM which has a little difference. But the main question arises in every MBA Aspirant mind is What are the Different MBA entrance exams and What is the Exam Pattern of these different MBA entrance exams. How to take admission in India's Best Management Institutes?

There are numerous institutes taking their own entrance exams for MBA or PGDM admission like CAT, XAT, MAT, GMAT, JMAT, SNAP, BIMT etc. These institutes have their different strategy and examination pattern to take admission in their MBA program. Once you're familiar to examination pattern of different institutes entrance exams, you will be more confident to your preparation for MBA entrance test.

The most popular and toughest MBA entrance exams are CAT, XAT, JMAT, MAT, BIMT, GMAT and SNAP.

Here I'm sharing exam patterns and admission procedure of these all above MBA competitive exams with little introduction.


1. CAT (Common Admission Test)

When you think about MBA entrance exam, the first you always think is CAT (Common Admission Test). The CAT exam is conducted for the admissions in the different Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) and also some other prominent management institutes in India.

Exam Pattern and Admission Procedure of CAT
Exam Total Time Duration- 2 hours and 30 minutes
Exam Pattern and Number of questions- 65 (40 questions from Verbal ability and 25 questions from other sections like quantitative aptitude, logical reasoning and data interpretation)
Final Selection- Student scoring above 99 percentile would be called for next stages like Group discussion, presentation and Interview.
Exam Date- In the month of October every year

2. XAT (Xavier Admission Test)

XAT is conducted for the MBA admission at XLRI, Jamshedpur and other prominent management institutions.

Exam Pattern and Admission Procedure of XAT
Exam Total Time Duration- 140 minutes
Exam Pattern and Number of questions- A aptitude paper of objective problems (90 questions from decision making, verbal and logical ability, quantitative ability and data interpretation), followed by a subjective test on essay writing & general awareness.
Exam Date- First week of January

3. GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test)

If anyone wants to prefer international business universities or institutions for MBA admission, he should prepare for GMAT exam. GMAT is an internationally recognized exam for MBA admission in business institutions of USA and other English speaking countries.

Exam Pattern and Admission Procedure of GMAT
Exam Total Time Duration- 3 hours and 30 minutes
Exam Pattern and Number of Questions- It consists of questions from analytical writing assessment (1 topic), Integrated Reasoning (12 questions), Quantitative (37 questions) and Verbal (41 questions).
Exam Date- can be taken once every 31 days. This includes test attempts in which the score was cancelled by the candidate.

4. MAT (Management Admission Test)

MAT is second most popular MBA entrance exam after CAT. MAT is conducted for MBA admission in various AICTE approved management institutions. It has been rewarded with the status of NET (National Entrance Test) by the Ministry of HRD, government of India.

Exam Pattern and Admission Procedure of MAT
Exam Total Time Duration- 2 hours and 30 minutes
Exam Pattern and Number of Questions- A computer based objective exam, Total 200 questions comprising from Language Comprehension (40 questions), Mathematical Skills (40 questions), Data Analysis and Sufficiency (40 questions), Intelligence and Critical Reasoning (40 questions), Indian and Global Environment (40 questions)
Exam Date- It is conducted 4 times a year: in the month of February, May, September and December.

5. JMET (Joint Management Entrance Test) 

JMET is conducted for the MBA admissions in the different Indian Institute of Technology (IITs), IISc Bangalore and many other prominent management institutions are taking admission through JMET qualifying score card.

Exam Pattern and Admission Procedure of JMET 
Exam Total Time Duration- 3hours
Exam Pattern and Total Number of Questions- total 120 multiple objective type questions of 150 marks from sections of Verbal Communication (40 marks), Logical  Reasoning (40 marks) , Quantitative Ability (40 marks) and Data Interpretation (30 marks)
Final Selection- After qualifying written exam final selection will be made on the basis of Group discussion and Personal interview (GD-PI).
Exam Date- In the month of December

6. SNAP (Symbiosis National Aptitude test)

SNAP exam is conducted to join MBA programs offered by constituent units of Symbiosis International University.

Exam Pattern and Admission Procedure of SNAP
Exam Total Time Duration- 2 Hours
Exam Pattern and Number of questions- objective type questions of total 180 marks. (40marks General English, 40 marks Quantitative DI and DS, 40 marks General awareness, 60 marks Analytical & Logical Reasoning)
Final Selection- successful candidates have to appear in personal Interaction and Writing Ability Test (PI-WAT) process to get selected.
Exam Date- in the month of December every year

7. BIMT Admission Test (Birla Institute of Management Technology Admission Test)

It is conducted for MBA admission in different management courses of Birla institute of Management Technology (BIMT).

Exam Pattern and Admission Procedure of BIMT
Exam Total Time Duration- 2 papers of 3 hours time duration each.
Exam Pattern - The test paper of BIMT admission test consists of objective type questions, each carrying four options for correct answer

There are many other MBA entrance exams you can appeared for. I suggest you to first make a list of all MBA entrance exams with their date of examination, then choose entrance exams you should appeared in according to your capabilities, efforts and location of MBA colleges you want to apply for.

If you feel any query related to MBA entrance exams, please comment below to let us help you. You can also subscribe us by Email and join us on Facebook and Twitter.
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Best IIT-JEE Coaching institutes in Delhi

Delhi is the educational hub of country. If you want to prepare for India's most toughest exam IIT-JEE, I suggest you to choose Delhi for the preparation of entrance exam. You must join any good coaching center or institute for the preparation of engineering entrance examination IIT-JEE. Though there are a number of  IIT-JEE coaching institutes in Delhi, you should choose a best coaching among these. 

But to decide which coaching centers are best for IITJEE preparation is a difficult task. So here in this article I'm sharing a list of best IIT-JEE coaching institutes in Delhi. These coaching institutes have many branches across Delhi, but I'm sharing only head branch.I suggest you to visit their head centers for other queries. This list will surely help you choosing best IIT-JEE coaching institutes in Delhi.

There are a number of good IIT JEE coaching centers available in Jaipur, but I always believe that when we've make our mind, we do hard work, even we are putting a good money to our preparation, then why we waste our time searching for any low fees and not reliable institute or coaching center. We always choose an institute that provide us the high quality education, good teaching faculty and study materials.

But to decide which coaching centers are best for IIT JEE preparation is a difficult task. So Here in this post I'm providing a list of best coaching centers in Jaipur for IIT JEE. These institutes provide you a good educational base, but if you are aiming to be an IIT'ian and want to crack the toughest exam IIT : you have to work hard. My best wishes is always with you friends - See more at: http://stechnotrick.blogspot.in/2014/04/has-grown-up-as-education-hub-in-recent.html#sthash.kf6Ja67D.dpuf
There are a number of good IIT JEE coaching centers available in Jaipur, but I always believe that when we've make our mind, we do hard work, even we are putting a good money to our preparation, then why we waste our time searching for any low fees and not reliable institute or coaching center. We always choose an institute that provide us the high quality education, good teaching faculty and study materials.

But to decide which coaching centers are best for IIT JEE preparation is a difficult task. So Here in this post I'm providing a list of best coaching centers in Jaipur for IIT JEE. These institutes provide you a good educational base, but if you are aiming to be an IIT'ian and want to crack the toughest exam IIT : you have to work hard. My best wishes is always with you friends - See more at: http://stechnotrick.blogspot.in/2014/04/has-grown-up-as-education-hub-in-recent.html#sthash.kf6Ja67D.dpuf
There are a number of good IIT JEE coaching centers available in Jaipur, but I always believe that when we've make our mind, we do hard work, even we are putting a good money to our preparation, then why we waste our time searching for any low fees and not reliable institute or coaching center. We always choose an institute that provide us the high quality education, good teaching faculty and study materials.

But to decide which coaching centers are best for IIT JEE preparation is a difficult task. So Here in this post I'm providing a list of best coaching centers in Jaipur for IIT JEE. These institutes provide you a good educational base, but if you are aiming to be an IIT'ian and want to crack the toughest exam IIT : you have to work hard. My best wishes is always with you friends - See more at: http://stechnotrick.blogspot.in/2014/04/has-grown-up-as-education-hub-in-recent.html#sthash.kf6Ja67D.dpuf

Coaching Providers
Contact No.
Kalu Sarai
FIITJEE House, Kalu Sarai, Sarvapriya Vihar, Near Hauz Khas Metro Station, New Delhi
Kalu Sarai
47-B, Kalu Sarai, Sarvapriya Vihar, New Delhi-16
Aakash Institute
South Extension
K-11, South Extension Part-I, New Delhi
Brilliant Tutorials
Kalu Sarai
50-C, Kalu Sarai, Behind Azad Apartments, New Delhi
Vidyamandir Classes
Punjabi Bagh
Plot No. 2 And 3, 1st Floor, Central Market, Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi
Kalu Sarai
41-1, Ground Floor, Kalu Sarai, Sarvapriya Vihar, New Delhi
Kreative Tutorials
Lajpat Nagar
C-32,33, 2nd Floor, Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar-Iv, New Delhi
Knowledge Infinity
K-7/B, Lower Ground Floor, Kalkaji, New Delhi
Career Point
B-455, Sir Chotu Ram Marg, Avantika, Rohini, New Delhi

Pie Education
Kalu Sarai
Jassum House, 44 A/W, Kalu Sarai, Sarvapriya Vihar, New Delhi

If you have any other institute in your mind I should add to this list, Please write us in Contact Us page. For any queries and problems related to these IIT-JEE coaching institutes, Feel free to comment below. You can subscribe by email to get further updates of this website.
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Engineering Entrance Exams You Must Appear After 12th Science

Engineering entrance exams after 12th
 You have decided to make your career in Engineering. I really appreciate your decision because Engineering is one of the most popular career course after 12th Science and it carries a good scope or growth of career. Once you have decided to choose engineering as your career course, you’ve to be conscious about the different entrance exams you must opt out to give a best start of your engineering journey.
You have a list of best engineering colleges which provide you best learning environment and placements. But you have to give your best to get admission in these engineering colleges. You might have heard about IIT, AIEEE, BITS, but believe me there are also many Indian level engineering entrance exams you must give to get admission in best engineering colleges. You also have to be aware of choosing good engineering branch.

Exam Pattern of Different National Level Engineering Entrance Exams after 12th

Here in this article I’m sharing a list of different engineering entrance exams with their examination pattern which will make your future as you wish to be. These entrance exams are conducted every year for admission into engineering institutes across the nation. These entrance exams helps you to get admission in India’s best engineering colleges like IITs, NITs, BITS and much more.

The most difficult and significant engineering entrance exams in India are IIT-JEE, AIEEE, BITSAT, VITEEE, NAT, ENAT and few more.

1. IIT-JEE (Indian Institute of Technology - Joint Entrance Exam) 
This is one of the toughest and prestigious entrance exam in India. IIT-JEE is an entrance exam of different IITs of India. The selection rate of this examination is very low, that makes it more challenging and harder. IIT-JEE is a 2 tier examination – Advanced and Main. Every student who has passed his 12th Science Math can appear for IIT-JEE exam. He gets two chances to clear this examination, one with 12th standard and another one after 12th. This is an objective type examination. You have to prepare hard to get success in this examination. You can join some good Coaching Institutes for IIT-JEE.

2. AIEEE (All India Engineering Entrance Exam) 
AIEEE is another very popular engineering entrance exam conducted by CBSE. AIEEE is a gateway to different NITs, IIITs and some deemed universities and others engineering colleges. Every science math student above 50 percent in 12th standard is eligible for this entrance exam. This exam paper consist of questions from Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics in duration of 3 hours. This is an objective type question paper. State level private colleges also accepts AIEEE score card for admission in engineering.

3. BITSAT (Birla Institute of Technology and Science Admission Test) 
BITSAT is an entrance exam to all three campus of Birla Institute of Technology and Science i.e Pilani, Goa, Hyderabad. Students should have minimum 75 percent in 12th standard to be eligible for this examination. It is a 3 hours online exam which has questions from Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English and Logical Reasoning. Final Selection will be made according to merit list of students.

4. UPESEAT (University of Petroleum and Energy Studies Engineering Admission Test) 
University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun conducts this entrance examination in B.Tech courses of different energy fields.

5. BVPEEE (Bhartiya Vidyapeeth Engineering Entrance Exam ) 
BVPEEE is an examination to get admission in B.Tech or engineering courses of Bhartiya Vidyapeeth University, Pune. This is objective type examination having questions from mathematics and physics. Final selection is made after counseling of selected students.

6. VITEEE (Vellore Institute of Technology Engineering Entrance Exam) 
VITEEE is an engineering entrance exam to different B.Tech courses of Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT). 

7. IISc (Indian Institute of Science ), Bangalore

8. ENAT (EPSE National Admission Test) 

9. NAT (National Aptitude Test) 

10. NEAT (National Engineering Aptitude Test) 

11. ISAT (IIST Admission Test) 

12. AMIE (Associate Membership of Institution of Engineers ) 

13. ATIT (Admission Test for ICFAI Science and Technology) 

14. MERIEE (Marine Engineering & Research Institute Entrance Exam) 

15. JNU EEE (Jawahar Lal University Engineering Entrance Exam) 

These are some the top and popular engineering entrance exams in India. You can apply for State level Engineering Entrance tests to get admission in state colleges. I suggest you to bookmark this website for further updates for entrance exams. You can also like our page of Facebook and Twitter.
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What After 12th Commerce

Accounting is a kind of stuff which we all need in our daily routine. Whatever we do we need to take account every measure of that. When we come to education department accounting is a subject in commerce field. Commerce stream has very broad scope in each industry. Students when finishes their matriculation need to choose the stream for their future. Commerce is one of the most preferred streams of the students as because this is a non technical one and you have lots of options available after completing higher secondary.

Well, if you have also chosen this field definitely you love to know what professional courses, what competitive exams, what industries are now open for you. One can choose a career as a company secretary or as a chartered accountant. These are the programs where you have many chances to crack them. You can take tutions for this or can do it by yourself as because these are said to be the toughest ones in India. If you want to make them easy then it is advisable to do graduation before it via commerce field.

Another great road ahead of you through commerce is career in the business field. BBA (Bachelors of Business Administration) and MBA (Masters in Business Administration) are the professional fields where you can take admission for a better and brighter future. You can learn all the business fundas and get knowledge of all those tricks which will help you to start your own business.

Banking is the field where most of the students want to go from fighting for banking examination. One who sees their future in banking and financial institution, commerce, help them a lot in this way. Finance is the subject which is need to be maintained in every industry. Once you have got command in finance you have various finance jobs available.

Professional Computer courses are always helpful in each field of Job. One can opt BCA (Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Applications) and MCA (Masters Degree in Computer Applications) courses. It is a good program where you can learn some technical skills too, along with the knowledge of accounting and computing.

Law is also a great line which is open for you after completing 10+2 from commerce. LLB, LLM are those professional Diploma programs which make your career more delightful. You could be a lawyer within a few years of course.

There are many other courses too, which can be done easily through commerce. Various courses like Hotel Management, Nursing, Computer courses (Telly specially), Hospitality, Interior Decoration, Photography, Performing Arts etc. are there where you can make your career.

So you have seen that there are many things you can do as a commerce student. Now see what are the basic courses you can do after 12th by selecting commerce as a stream.

B.Com (Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce)
B.B.I. (Bachelor’s Degree in Banking and Insurance)
B.A.F. (Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting & Finance)
B.F.M. (Bachelor’s Degree in Financial Markets)
LLB (Bachelor’s Degree in Legal Law – 3 years)
B.C.A. (Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Applications)
B.B.A. (Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration)

Different courses covered different subjects.  as look below i have also made a list which fields can be covered through these courses.

Accounts -
It's the main core of commerce. Various option in it are.

C.A (Chartered Accountant)
C.W (Cost And Work Accountant)
C.F.A (Certified Financial Analyst)
C.F.P (Certified financial planner)

Banking -
One of the biggest field. Different bankings covered in it are.

Retail Banking / Personal banking
Corporate banking
Merchant banking
Treasury group
Rural banking
Product management
Loans executive

Company Secretary-
This is also a good field for career. It covers

Computers - Software development
System Architect
Web developers
Multimedia designer
System/IT manager
Database Administrator
Data processing assistant/ Data Entry Operator
Servicing and Maintenance Technician
Technology management

Finance -
A main subject of commerce. It contains..

CFA (Certified Financial Analyst)
CFP (Certified Financial Planner)

Insurance -
Many are working in this. Oce can learn all these in it.

Actuarial Science
Insurance and Risk Management
Insurance Surveyor
Insurance Surveyor
Insurance Agent

Investments -
One need to have a good knowledge of this field. It gives you good return. Subjects covered in it are

Equity Research Analyst
Investment Banker
Mutual Fund Executive
Stock Broker
Capital Market Manager
Forex Dealer
Venture Capitalist
Real Estate

Management -
For business oriented people this is a best field. It covers following subjects.

Human Resource Management
Brand Management
Event Management
International business management
Market Research Management
Retail Management
Marketing And Sales Management
Technology management
Disaster management
Education management
NGO management
Rural Management
Operation And Logistics Management
Export Management
Family business management
Material management
Financial Management
Business Development Management

Well, now I think you have seen the variety of things commerce can serve you. So do not hesitate after choosing such field. Tons of stuff are there waiting for you. Just choose anyone. Go and get them.
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